The Detroit Red Wings Goalies Are Wearing These Custom ‘Ugly Sweater’ Masks For December And They’re Awesome

Every hockey goalie usually wears his heart on, well, his mask. It’s unlike anything else in professional sports – the one uniform piece that actually allows a player to showcase a bit of his personality during competition.

And these holidays, it looks like Detroit Red Wings goalies Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek are more than in the Christmas spirit. On Thursday, the pair unveiled these custom festive paint jobs that they will apparently be sporting for the whole month of December. Maybe even longer, too, because you know how superstitious NHL goalies can be.

Starting goalie Jimmy Howard’s dome-piece was inspired by an ugly sweater:

And his teammate Petr Mrazek is coming in how with a Rudolph the red nose reindeer theme:

Both masks were designed and painted by popular NHL goalie mask artist Dave Gunnarsson. Awesome stuff.


Way to get the holiday spirit flowing, bros.

[h/t CBS Sports]