Detroit Tigers Veterans Made The Rookies Dress Up As Lingerie Football Players


The Detroit Tigers are in a tight race with the Kansas City Royals for American League Central supremacy. But you’d be sorely mistaken if you think that pesky little project is going to get in the way of embarrassing the rookies. Priorities, people. Priorities.

And what better way to bring shame than making an adult man stuff his naughty bits into a tiny pair of drawers and sending him outside to play football on pavement? After all, these guys need to show what they have what it takes to be a Sigma Nu play professional baseball.

Here are some important social media offerings from Al Albuquerque, Justin Verlander and J.D. Martinez chronicling the fun.


Really nice to see the gang, especially Verlander, getting a laugh at someone else’s overexposure.
[H/T: Bless You Boys]