Dez Bryant Got Joe Buck’s Wife To Say ‘Smoking On That Giants Pack’ Before Cowboys Monday Night Football Game

Dez Bryant had a pretty memorable appearance before the Cowboys ‘Monday Night Football’ game against the Giants.

Before making a stop on the ESPN set, Bryant revealed that he was putting $10k on the Cowboys tonight.

While appearing on the Monday Night Football’s pregame show, Bryant hilariously got Joe Buck’s wife Michelle Beisner-Buck to yell out “smoking on that Giants pack.” \

Fans thought it was hilarious that Bryant got Mrs. Buck to smoke on that Giants pack on ESPN.

Cowboys fans also loved seeing Bryant again.

“Bring back Dez 😤🥲 dude deserves the star on his helmet”

“The way the Cowboys handled the Dez Bryant situation was awful. He should have been a Cowboy longer than he was. One of my all time favorite Cowboys.”

“I’d give anything to have Dez back on the cowboys”

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