Dez Bryant Had A Very Cool Response To The Spelling Bee Champ Throwing Up His ‘X’

Nihar Janga Dez Bryant X

Getty Image

Last year the Spelling Bee champion got a special victory sneaker package from none other than LeBron James.

This year’s co-champion 11-year-old (11!!) Nihar Janga is also going to score big after somehow spelling the word “gesellschaft” and celebrating in epic fashion by throwing up Dez Bryant’s signature X move.

This was after ruthlessly making fun of his opponent who misspelled a word, by the way.

Did we mention Janga is from Texas? Might explain his celebratory choice, huh? Little dude’s got some serious swag.

Naturally there was no way in this day of social media that this wasn’t going to get back to Dez Bryant himself.

His response?

Braggadocios little bro is totally going to go to a game now as the guest of Dez as the Houston Chronicle reports, “His father promised the Dallas Cowboys’ fan a trip to a game next year and a chance to watch his favorite player Dez Bryant, if he won he bee.”

Indeed it is, J.J. Indeed it is.

H/T BlackSportsOnline

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