Dick Vitale Goes On Bizarre Rant Defending Disgraced Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim

The NCAA suspended Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim on Friday for nine ACC games., The NCAA also took away 12 scholarships, and ordered that 108 wins be vacated as a result of a multiyear investigation into the university’s athletic programs

The Syracuse coach was accused of being involved in academic misconduct, giving extra benefits to student athletes and failure to follow to drug testing policy during a ten-year period.

During the Lousville-Virginia game, ESPN analyst Dick Vitale went to bat for the disgraced coach saying that the NCAA was too harsh on Boeheim and that Boeheim was only guilty of trusting the wrong people.

Jim Boeheim was guilty of one thing, trust. He had trust in his people, trust in his boosters from the YMCA ans they really violated his trust. They laid cash on some players. Jim Boeheim was not aware they were getting cash, if he was he would have done something

Vitale also laid blame on the players instead of Boeheim.

Academic fraud is when transcripts are given away and players are given courses that aren’t there. Jim Boeheim didn’t do that They can’t live with a player 24/7, players should be accountable for their actions.

The rant is completely ridiculous and irrational and barely makes any sense. So the question is why is Dickie V defending Boeheim? Well we might have the answer.