An Emotional Dick Vitale Fights Back Tears In His First Game Back In The Booth Amid Cancer Battle

Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale isn’t letting cancer stop him from doing what he loves.

A few days after receiving another round of chemo to treat his Lymphoma, the 82-year-old Vitale revealed that doctors had cleared him to call Tuesday night’s Gonzaga vs. UCLA game.

Via LA Times

“It’s great medicine, right?” “And that’s how the doctors feel too. They told me, ‘All the tests about how you are — your EKG, your heart, your organs, they’re all great, so there’s no reason why you cannot go on and live your life, be active and let us worry about chemo and let us worry about the cancer. You do what you normally do at 82 — enjoy yourself.’

During the broadcast, an emotional Vitale would fight back tears during his return to the booth.

“It’s great being here. I can’t believe I’m sitting here, it’s just really a big thrill for me, I want to thank all you people who sent me so many great messages.”

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