NBA Fans Slam Dillon Brooks Over His Recent ‘Villain’ Comments

Dillon Brooks

Getty Image / Harry How

The Memphis Grizzlies aim to tie the series up at 2-2 on Monday night after falling to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3.

All eyes were on LeBron James and Dillon Brooks though, as the Grizzlies forward took on the villain role with some trash talk leading up to that game.

He’s built quite the reputation due to his antics on the court and his trash talk during post-game pressers.

However, Dillon Brooks recently commented on the “villain” role he’s acquired. But it appears he thinks it’s a label the media and fans have placed on him.

Clutch Points shares the clip originally posted by James Burns.

Okay, but does Brooks realize he kind of brings this attention to himself? The guy has had numerous incidences on the court that have caused fans to dislike him outside of Memphis.

On top of that, talking trash about LeBron James and other greats hasn’t sat well with fans either.

For that reason, NBA fans let the Grizzlies forward have it.

Perfect use of this meme.

If the Grizzlies were up would Dillon Brooks be saying this?

This comment didn’t age well at all.

Brooks does have a bit of a history.

Maybe his tone will change if the Grizzlies can tie up the series.

Dillon Brooks avoided suspension for his hit on LeBron James in Game 3. So it’ll be interesting to see how this next game plays out.

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