Dillon Danis Has Cringeworthy In-Person Showdown With Logan Paul Ahead Of Fight

Dillon Danis

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You have to be a pretty unlikeable person to get people to actively root for Logan Paul, but Dillon Danis has managed to do exactly that in the lead-up to their upcoming boxing match. However, the man who’s spent weeks trolling his opponent online probably wishes he was a bit more prepared for a painfully awkward pre-fight showdown.

Danis is an accomplished jiu-jitsu fighter who initially made a name for himself after teaming up with Conor McGregor. While he made his MMA debut with Bellator in 2018, he only has a couple of fights under his belt as a pro, and his bout with Paul (which is scheduled to be held at Manchester Arena on October 14th) marks the stiffest competition he’s faced in the past few years.

Boxers tend to trade plenty of verbal barbs before stepping into the ring against each other, but Danis has harnessed a pretty incendiary strategy by making Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal the target of a steady stream of attacks and repeatedly stirring the pot by promising to go public with some supposedly explosive dirt.

I don’t think it would be a huge stretch to describe Danis’ approach as a “harassment campaign,” and the crusade has led to him being locked out of his Twitter account and getting hit with the restraining order that Agdal filed against him earlier this week.

As a result, it’s very safe to assume Paul is going to take pleasure in beating up on Danis when he gets the opportunity next month, and while only time will tell if he gets the upper hand during that meeting, it’s safe to say he walked away with a W thanks to what unfolded during a recent face-to-face meeting.

Anyone who’s described Danis as a “keyboard warrior” probably won’t be compelled to reassess that stance after watching the following video, as Paul’s opponent had a ton of trouble stringing a sentence together while getting absolutely clowned on for his inability to deliver a coherent comeback.

I’d say I hope he’s slightly more prepared to fight Paul, but based on the footage we’ve been treated to so far, he may be in for a rough night.

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