Dodgers Fan Follows Through On Baby Name Promise After Mookie Betts HR

Dodgers star Mookie Betts

Getty Image / Denis Poroy

One Los Angeles Dodgers fan told Mookie Betts he’d make his daughter’s middle name “Mookie” if the star hit a home run during one of his at bats.

Turns out, Betts hit a home run. After trotting around the bases, he gave the fan a fist bump and probably thought nothing of it.

However, the Dodgers star shared a video on Tuesday detailing that the fan reached out to him to prove that he followed through on his promise, naming his newborn daughter Francesca Mookie Manusco.

Watch the clip Mookie Betts shared on social media talking about his interaction with the Dodgers fan.

How cool is is that Betts hit possibly the farthest home run in his career right after that Dodgers fan made that bet? I mean, how can you not get romantic about baseball?

And from the sounds of it, Betts may have just become lifelong friends with that Dodgers fan and his family.

It’s actually a really cool incident that happened, as Betts seems proud of what transpired.

On top of that, Francesca Mookie Manusco is a great name. It just rolls off the tongue. No wonder that guy’s wife was okay with Mookie being her daughter’s middle name.

With that said, maybe more Dodgers fans should consider making the same promise to Mookie Betts every time he’s at bat. Maybe that’s the secret to Betts breaking the home run record.

Jokes aside, this is one of those feel good moments in sports. Shoutout that Dodgers fan for following through with his promise.