The Dodgers Take Ping Pong As Seriously As They Take Baseball, Or So It Seems

The Lose Angeles Dodgers are on another fierce, highly expensive mission to win the World Series. While that probably won’t happen and instead Kershaw or one of his cronies will serve up a hilarious moonshot to lose it ALL, first and foremost comes the captivating sport of table tennis.

Now please go ahead and re-read that sentence and try to convince me that MLB players don’t have it made for daaaaaaays; save for the Top 10 golfers in the world, who walk around and… golf.

Guaranteed, iron-clad contracts, and you get to screw around during Spring Training as much as you want, so long as you don’t end up with a crowd-pleasing mugshot.

Which brings us to L.A.’s finest: A lively bunch of adult males who appear to LIVE for the sport of table tennis. Again, guaranteed contracts. Why stress? EVER?

Anyway, here they are, enjoying the shit out of life, complete with official player announcements.

I’m so jealous it hurts.

My favorite part isn’t the table tennis joust itself, but more of the guys in the background just sittin’ around doing a whole lot of nothing.

What a beautiful life.

There’s truly no better gig in professional sports, where you can rake in $100 million and be asked to strictly swing a baseball bat four times a game, a few times a week.

What. A. Gig.


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