Real Life Air Bud Situation Strikes When Dog Invades College Basketball Game Between George Washington And American

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The 1990s were an absolute gold mine for incredible dog-centric movies. You had Beethoven, Homeward Bound, 101 Dalmatians and, of course, the GOAT: Air Bud.

For some reason, those movies don’t seem to get made anymore.

Thankfully, real life has become so bizarre that there’s really no need for movies. Take, for instance, Saturday’s basketball game between crosstown rivals George Washington University.

The two teams had barely even begun their matchup before an over-eager pup decides that this was his moment the shine. The dog came rushing onto the court, seemingly startling one of the of Colonials’ players.

Unfortunately, the good boy (or girl) was not allowed to get any shots up before it retreated off the court. But Twitter was all-in on the situation.

He’s definitely got that dog in him.

Though not all of the players do.

Some fans even felt the dog should get a tryout with their team.

Though others tapped more into their Cruella De Vil side.

The outside interference appears to have helped the Eagles, who moved to 7-2 on the year with a 69-64 victory. While the Colonials dropped to 5-4 with the loss. But honestly, we’re all winners on this day. Especially the good boy (or girl!) that had his (or her!) brief brush with fame.

Dream big, kids. You, too, could be a star basketball-playing dog.