Donald Trump’s Most Wrong Take Ever? Declaring Stephen Strasburg Would Leave The Nationals After 2012 Shutdown

lev radin Shutterstock

lev radin — Shutterstock

A whole coterie of political reporters have made it their mission this election to track down old Donald Trump tweets and bring them back to the online forefront.

It’s a self-servingly dumb and quixotic project. Of course a candidate with a history of publicly saying outlandish and abhorrent things would have used a public forum in the past to repeatedly say inaccurate and awful things. So really, all it is is reporters trying to show off how doggedly they continued to scroll through his timeline.

“Look at me, I found a tweet from 2009 I am Bob Woodward of the digital age.”

That said, not an awful political reporter is DC Sports Twitter all-star @recordsANDradio. He found these tweets from Trump about the Nationals’ decision to shutdown Stephen Strasburg in 2012, his year back from Tommy John’s surgery, despite the fact that the Nationals were hurtling toward the playoffs and considered a favorite to win it all.

Stras just reupped with the Nationals for seven years and $175 million. His agent, Scott Boras said the Nationals decision to shut him down showed they had his client’s best long-term interest at heart, and made him want to stay with the team.


Those are some things a president should have.