Viral On-Court DoorDash Delivery At College Basketball Game Turns Out To Be A Prank

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More often than not, when you hear someone talking about the freedom that comes with living in America, what they really mean is all the luxuries.

Take, for instance, the fact that I live in a mid-sized city and yet I’m about a 10-minute drive from at least six difference grocery chains and probably 20-plus fast food options.

It is ridiculously convenient.

One of those luxuries also includes the bevy of meal-delivery apps we have access these days. Want your favorite restaurant but don’t want to brave the cold winter? No problem, one of DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub or GoPuff probably has you covered.

But sometimes we take those luxuries a bit too far, which is where our story begins.

The True Story Behind The DoorDash Delivery Mid-College Basketball Game

The Duquesne Dukes welcomed Loyola-Chicago to Pittsburgh on Wednesday night for an Atlantic 10 matchup between two teams at the bottom of the conference.

There wasn’t much to talk about in the contest and the Ramblers led the Dukes 40-37 early in the second half.

That’s when it happened. With 16:28 left in the second half and the ball in play, a college-aged man walked into the court holding a McDonald’s bag and drink and asking who at the arena ordered DoorDash.

It was an absolutely astonishing moment.

Sadly, like most good things these days, it was also too good to be true. Loyola Assistant Athletic Direct or walked through the incident on Twitter.

Hansen revealed that the alleged delivery person was wearing a mic and seemed to be recording for some sort of prank. Which, to be fair, doesn’t make it any less hilarious in the moment. But it is infinitely less fun than if he were actually carrying out a delivery order.

Thankfully no one got hurt in the order.

Stay weird, college sports.