NFL Coach Believes That Will Anderson Isn’t The Best Defender In The 2023 Draft

Will Anderson

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As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, the debate on who is the better edge defender between Alabama’s Will Anderson and Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson has been heating up.

What was once considered an easy decision for teams with high draft picks is now causing some serious contemplation.

According to veteran sportswriter Peter King, an NFL coach with a top 10 pick in the upcoming draft recently stated, “Tyree Wilson will be a better pro than Will Anderson.” This statement has surprised some NFL fans, as Anderson was previously considered hands down the top edge defender prospect in the Draft.

Wilson has an impressive record, with 17 career sacks in 35 games. Anderson, however, has 34.5 career sacks in 41 games, including 17.5 in the 2021 season, where he finished fifth in the Heisman voting, losing to his teammate Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

King went on to suggest that Wilson could be chosen ahead of Anderson, possibly by the Houston Texans, who have the second overall pick in the draft.

A person around the NFL that knows Texans head coach DeMeco Ryas told King: “Ryans could look at Wilson after his year in San Francisco and say, ‘I got my Nick Bosa,’”

It is possible that the Texans trade down with a quarterback-needy team if they don’t want Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, with the Carolina Panthers expected to pick Young with the first overall pick.

Despite Anderson’s impressive college career, Wilson’s potential cannot be overlooked. The debate on who will be the better pro could potentially affect the draft order for many teams, causing them to rethink their strategies.

The 2023 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 27th, and fans and analysts alike are eagerly waiting to see who will be selected first, and whether Wilson or Anderson will be chosen as the top edge defender. It’s sure to be an exciting event, filled with surprises and heated debates until the very end.