You Get Just One More Chance at Fantasy Football This Year

As you know, 1-week fantasy football getting HUGE.  On December 24th one guy won $1,000,000 by winning just one contest.  We’ve got a great way to get you started.  A $15,000 contest this weekend that costs just $2 to enter.  And if you make a new deposit, you’ll get another entry for FREE.  Two shots at $15,000 ain’t bad for just a few bucks.

The best rivalry in the NFL will be renewed in Seattle while Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will battle yet again for the ever-important Quarterback of This Generation Award. That tingling you feel is excitement. No need to consult a physician.

As it's been all year– and will continue to be until perpetuity — DraftKings is THE place to play. No other site offers such large prizes for such a small risk.

You'll already be watching the games, so why not try for some money while you're at it. It could be the best decision you've ever made.