5 Reasons You Should be Playing Fantasy Baseball

Longtime readers of our site know we can’t get enough of fantasy sports. Outside of looking at babes in minimal clothing and knockout videos, it’s pretty much our main hobby. Those of a similar mind could probably rattle off reasons why the activity is awesome until the sun goes down, but that might be overkill. Because it’s 2014 and your attention span is limited, let’s just hit you with the five main reasons you should be turning Opening Day into a shot at easy money.

1. Winning is easy

Beginning March 31, you’ll have the opportunity to battle for a $500 first-place prize by creating the ultimate Opening Day lineup. The entry fee is a scant $10 and 120 slots are available. Second place will take home $250, third place will pocket $100, 4th through 10th place get $20 and 11th through 20th earn $15.

2. You get free stuff just for entering

First-timers depositing at least $25 will be given free entry to two contents. That’s three opportunities to win for one entry fee. You can’t beat that. If you deposit less than $25, you still get one free contest entry.

3. Baseball is a whole new ballgame

Alright, so your fantasy football team didn’t do so well and your March Madness bracket is now useless confetti. But you know what? A new season brings new opportunity. Things will be better this time around.

4. Bragging rights are always in style

It’s one thing to think you’re better than everyone else. It’s another to prove it on the virtual diamond.

5. If nothing else, your days just got a lot more exciting

There’s nothing like the thrill of victory and the color of money. Now those Sunday night baseball games you’re already watching will take on added importance. Whether your neck- and-neck for the prize money or just enjoying the final embers of a blowout victory, your heart will pound with excitement, already mentally spending your hard-earned money.