Drake Had The Time Of His Life As A Sideline Reporter At A Toronto Raptors Game

by 1 year ago

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Despite his reputation for being the ultimate bandwagon fan, Drake is a staple on the Toronto Raptors sideline (he’s basically the team’s Jack Nicholson only with less of a propensity to fall asleep while the game is going on). He may have gotten trolled on multiple occasions (in addition to getting stared down) for his fandom, but you have to give him credit for his commitment to the squad over the years.

Last night, Drake was rewarded for his loyalty when the Raptors let him play the role of sideline reporter multiple times over the course of the night, including at one point during the third quarter where he managed to say a lot while still saying nothing at all.

In addition to musing about Jeremy Lin’s leg tattoo, Canada’s second most successful musical export (sorry Shania Twain) was also given the mic to interview Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry after the game— although he apparently doesn’t have a great grasp on how microphones work (despite being someone who couldn’t make a living without one).

Drake might not be the best sideline reporter, but at least he avoided pulling a Sergio Dipp.

It’s also been a while since the world has been subjected to a Drake Meme™, so he did what he could to light the internet on fire when he was captured pouring a can of Perrier into a styrofoam cup.

It’s fairly clear that The Artist Formerly Known As Wheelchair Jimmy should probably stick to his day job, but at least he gave it a shot.

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