Drake Becomes New 6th Man Of The Year Candidate After Trash Talking A Bulls Player Forces A Key Turnover

Last night in Toronto, Drake took his super-fan status into a special new stratosphere during a key moment in the fourth quarter with the Raptors down three and Chicago’s Justin Holiday attempting to inbound the ball.

With the rapper DIRECTLY in his ear, Holiday somehow blew it and, amazingly, the Bulls were charged with a 5-second violation. All because of DRAKE.

You know what would’ve been fun in this particular spot? An “inadvertent” elbow from Holiday because, frankly, that’s just a little too close for comfort:

There’s privilege and then there’s abusing said privilege. Drake should be forced to watch his beloved Raptors from his home theater for at least a week.

Thankfully, this didn’t lead to the Bulls giving the game away, as this happened with 25 seconds left and Chicago up 106-103, but it was damn close. The Raptors ending up taking the loss, 109-107.

Now can Toronto please just get it over with and sign Drake already?

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