Draymond Green’s Wife Blasts Celtics Fans For Chanting ‘F U Draymond’ In Front Of Their Children

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  • Celtics fans loudly chanted “F U Draymond” after he fouled out of game 3 of the NBA finals on Wednesday night.
  • After the game, Klay Thompson and Green’s wife blasted Celtics fans for chanting obscenities in front of Draymond’s children.
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Draymond Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, was not happy with how Celtics fans conducted themselves during game 3 of the NBA Finals.

On Wednesday night, the Boston crowd were heard chanting “fuck you, Draymond” after Green fouled out midway through the fourth quarter.

After the game, Green’s wife took to Instagram to blast Celtics fans for the chant and shouting obscenities at her husband in front of their children.

Green’s wife wasn’t the only one to complain about Celtics fans, Klay Thompson also ripped into the Boston crowd during his postgame press conference.

“We’ve played in front of rude fans before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Really classy. Good job Boston.”