Drew Brees Looked Like One Of The Geico Cavemen After His Mesmerizing ‘Undercover Boss’ Transformation

Drew Brees

Getty Image / Streeter Lecka

Somewhere in America, there are a metric ass-ton of people watching Undercover Boss on CBS. I’m not entirely sure who these people are but the series premiere (years ago) was watched by 38.6 million viewers.

Without moving onto the NFC Championship as a distraction, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees appeared on an episode of Undercover Boss where he was able to fully devote himself to becoming another human being. The makeup and effects they hit Drew Brees with had him looking eerily reminiscent of the Geico Caveman who appeared in all sorts of commercials.

Drew is co-owner of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar in Louisiana. The menu looks like exactly what you’d expect to see from a Cajun restaurant. Frankly, I wasn’t hungry at all until I looked at the menu but now I’m ready to get down on some Boudin Balls, VooDoo Shrimp and Grits, and all the other goodness.

Anyway, I digress. Drew was on Undercover Boss where he underwent a caveman transformation that’s blowing my damn mind right now. Check it out:

Again, I have not a damn clue who is watching Undercover Boss each week. Presumably, a ton of Saints fans were watching this week. For comparison, here’s the Geico caveman.

If Drew Brees wanted to appear in a Super Bowl in the near future he could easily show up for Geico, right? Wouldn’t that be an attainable path for him that doesn’t require getting dunked on by the NFL refs in the playoffs every year?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to hitting up Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar next time I’m in the area.