Drunk Royals Fan Calmly Runs Shirtless Onto The Field Then Surrenders Himself, Might’ve Lost A Bet

I don’t know what was going through this guy’s head. Not sure if he was majorly intoxicated or what (the video’s description indicates so), but I just can’t get over his calmness in removing each of his possessions to hand over for safe-keeping, tearing off his t-shirt, jumping over the third-base line wall, and then taking a brisk jog through left field before surrendering himself, willingly, to security. I felt like I was watching Alan from The Hangover do something half-strange, half incredibly stupid. All I know is if I ever run onto a field at a live sporting event, I’m getting my monies worth.

If I had to guess, this might’ve been repentance for a lost bet of some kind. Maybe a fantasy league endeavor gone awry or something of the sort. Hopefully the guys he was shown unloading his stuff to had orchestrated some kind of bail payment scheme for him. Regardless, he’s lucky he didn’t get the Taser treatment, I can tell you that much.

This will be a great Royals pride story for the grandchildren, no doubt.

h/t Deadspin