Dude Perfect Shows Every Asswipe That’s Going To Be At Your Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is almost upon us so that means Super Bowl parties, which are great if everyone there is your bro. However there’s always some weirdos and douchebags that you don’t know and don’t know why they were invited to the party.

Dude Perfect gave you a glimpse of a typical Super Bowl party and the cast of characters that you will encounter. Some of the stereotypical people that will ruin your Super Bowl experience are the fans of shitty teams that are not in the Super Bowl, but will whine the entire four fucking hours about how their team should have been in the big game.

*cough* *Cowboys fans* *cough*

There’s also the “all about the commercials guy” even though there hasn’t been an epic Super Bowl ad in like a decade. Then there’s the rage monster who gets blitzed on Schlitz and starts a fight over some irrelevant shit like the Dez Bryant non-catch. But don’t forget about the fuckwad who brings no alcohol, no food, contributes no money, yet drinks his face off and eats half a hoagie.

For your sake I hope that none of these assholes are at your Super Bowl party, but they will be.