Which Is More Preposterous: 5’5″ Dude Dunking Over Man On Motorcycle Or Guy Slamming Over Mustang?

These two aerial artists push the boundaries of gravity as they levitate over different forms of transportation to throw down in style.

First up we have Guy “The Frequent Flyer” Dupuy of And1 fame going through his legs as he leaps over a Ford Mustang. Blake Griffin would be proud.

Next up we have Porter Maberry doing work at the Gus Macker Slam Dunk Contest in Ludington, Michigan on Saturday. The 25-year-old amateur baller stands at only 5’5″ but that didn’t prevent him leaping over a man on a motorcycle and finishing with the silky smooth reverse jam.


So who ya got? Dupuy and the between-the-legs dunk over the automobile or Maberry and his dunk over a guy on a motorbike?