Let’s Laugh At This Dummy Of A Hockey Goalie Do The Most Embarrassing Thing Ever



I’ve never stood between the pipes of a hockey net, but I do know that the main objective is to prevent the puck from going into it. This Polish hockey netminder ended up being bad at a lot of things on one simple play, though, proving that he forgot that job description.

During a game in the Polska Hokej Liga, some schmuck named David Zabolotny didn’t only leave his crease by a good 20 feet, but then tried being Patty Kane or someone by trying to control the puck, leaving his goal completely empty.

The dumb decision ended with Zabolotny upping his own goal against average when he hit a wrist shot into his net for the worst own score ever.

C’mon man, you had ONE FUCKING JOB—and somehow he failed miserably at the task.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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