The Durham Bulls Hosted A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Night And Why In The Seven Hells Wasn’t I Invited?

Last month we brought you news that the Tampa Bay Rays’ AAA affiliate Durham Bulls would be hosting a ‘Game of Thrones’ night at the ballpark. Well, the Durham Bulls’ ‘Game of Thrones’ night came and went last night, with a 5-2 win by the Bulls over Charlotte that was capped off with ‘The Rains of Castamere’ being played as the losing team left the field. For those of you that watch ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO you’ll remember that ‘The Rains of Castamere’ is the song that was playing during the Red Wedding with Robb Stark.

Fans put on their Westerosi best before heading to the ballpark last night, and the players were were sick custom jerseys that were also put up for charity auction where fans could bid on them. As you saw in the video above, the night began with a special Durham Bulls/Game of Thrones crossover introduction, but here are some pics and highlights from everything that took place at the Durham Bulls’ ‘Game of Thrones’ night:

The mascot, Wool E. Snow got in on the action:

Some cosplay from the fans:

Hodor made an appearance:

The custom jerseys worn by the Durham Bulls players were both available for purchase in the store at the ballpark as well as the game worn jerseys being up for charity auction:

THEY'RE HERE: The Bulls of House Durham will sport these Game of Thrones inspired theme jerseys Thursday during…

Posted by Durham Bulls Baseball Club on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And not only was it ‘Game of Thrones’ night at the ballpark, it was also ‘$1 food night’, which firmly solidifies the fact that the minor league baseball experience is 10,000,000x better than the major league baseball experience.

The only ting wrong with last night is the fact that I wasn’t there. As our resident ‘Game of Thrones’ recap blogger, and a die-hard Tampa Bay Rays fan (and thusly a Durham Bulls fan), I should’ve been at that game to cover all the sweet action. Unfortunately I’m broke, and couldn’t make my way on down to Durham. Oh well, maybe next time.

One thing to note though is even with the Durham Bulls’ ‘Game of Thrones‘ night last night, that game might not have been the most hyped game in the minor leagues. Exactly 304 miles southwest of Durham the Charleston River Dogs squared off against the Savannah Sand Gnats (in Charleston), and some heavy hitters were in attendance:

That’s right: Bourdain, Murray, and Kenny ‘Fucking’ Powers all in attendance. What I wouldn’t have given to have been a fly on the wall with those dudes hanging out together.

For more pics from the Durham Bulls’ ‘Game of Thrones night you can check out THIS GALLERY or head on over to the Durham Bulls’ Twitter Page.