Dustin Johnson Has 20 PGA Tour Wins, But He Thinks He Should Have ‘Probably About Double’ At This Point

dustin johnson

Getty Image / Patrick Gorski/

Dustin Johnson has 20 PGA Tour wins to his name, plus another seven on the European Tour, and while those are very strong career numbers they’re a bit underwhelming when you’re talking about a guy as talented as DJ.

Johnson is making his 262nd career start on Tour this week at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, so if you break his win-total into a percentage, Johnson wins 13 percent of the time. Finding the winner’s circle at that type of clip isn’t something to scoff at, but again, it feels like that number should be even higher.

The biggest grey cloud so to speak surrounding Johnson’s career thus far is his lone major championship win, which came at the 2016 U.S. Open. He’s finished second in all three of the other majors, but the fact that he hasn’t won multiple majors is one of the toughest things to understand when it comes to Johnson’s career.

As a former No. 1 player in the world and current No. 5 player on the planet, his name gets looped in with the game’s greatest, and rightly so, but as most folks look at majors as the end-all-be-all, he’s certainly lacking in that department.

While it’s simple to sit here and say that Johnson should have more wins to his name at 35-years-old as a person on the outside looking in, even he knows that he should have many more victories at this point.

Specifically, he thinks his win total should be doubled at at least 40 wins.

“Surprised? No. … But should I have won more? I think so,” Johnson said.

How much more? “Probably about double,” he explained to Golf Channel.

“I know what I’m capable of and I know what it takes to win out here,” he said, “so for me a successful year would be obviously winning three or four times and competing in all the majors, putting myself in positions to win golf tournaments every week.”

I’d expect to see Johnson have another successful year on Tour and be towards the top of the leaderboard at every major, but whether or not he gets major win No. 2, that’s the question of his 2020 season.