Dwight Howard Revealed The Story Of How Kanye West Rapped For Him Inside A Maternity Ward

Just picture it. Your wife has just given birth to a baby boy. You’re so overjoyed you can hardly process what’s just happened. You’ve become a father. Your life has changed forever. It doesn’t matter how much you make. It’s all just too overwhelming.

And then Kayne West comes poppin’ down the hallway, notes that ‘oh, you the one with the big room’ and then immediately begins droppin’ lyrics from Yeezus. Because, well, Kayne.

Here’s Dwight:

“He started playing one of his albums, and he really got into character. He’s rapping, and I felt like I was in a concert. This is in the maternity ward.”

As Biggie once said, it was all a dream. Or, NOT at all.


Fittingly enough, Dwight Howard’s most fond memory of the birth of his son was Kayne rapping in a hallway at a fucking hospital.

You couldn’t write a more appropriate script.

[H/T Complex]