Dwyane Wade Turned Miami Heat Media Day Into His Personal Karaoke Show


If there’s one song that EVERYONE and their mother knows just about every word to, it’s Montell Jordan’s ’90s banger, “This Is How We Do It,” which has, ironically, been a go-to party song for years—even though it’s 20 years old.

No joke, you blast that shit at a party and it’s as if the old TV show Soul Train just showed up, with people dancing around and belting the lyrics out with so much emphasis it’s nuts.

One guy who seems to love the jam a little bit more than most people is Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade.

Showing up to his team’s Media Day yesterday looking the part of a mid-90s teenager, bopping to the song in his Jeep Wrangler, wearing shades, a snapback, gold chain and completing the look with a multi-colored fanny pack around his waste, D-Wade took it back to the old school to lip-synch the words for everyone in attendance.

Wade’s pretty solid on the hardwood, but he’s not too shabby when it comes to performing with a mic in his hands either.

[H/T The Big Lead]