Dwyane Wade Has Perfect Response To Paul Pierce’s Infamous Claim About Who Had A Better Career

Paul Pierce guards Dwyane Wade

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In 2007, the Celtics executed a couple of blockbuster trades that brought Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to Boston to join forces with Paul Pierce and form the “Big 3” that brought the Larry O’Brien Trophy back to Beantown for the first time since 1986 with a win over the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals.

A couple of years later, the Heat saw and raised that move by acquiring the talents of Chris Bosh and LeBron James, who created a Big 3 of their own in Miami after linking up with Dwyane Wade.

That trio would go on to appear in the NBA Finals four consecutive times between  2011 and 2014—an impressive stretch that saw them win back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013 before they ultimately disbanded.

Wade’s prowess at point guard gave the Heat a big leg up on their opponents—including the Celtics, who were eliminated by Miami in the playoffs on two consecutive occasions during both team’s Big 3 Era.

While Pierce was undoubtedly a talented player, it’s pretty hard to argue Wade didn’t have a more impressive career on paper—a reality Jalen Rose attempted to highlight during a somewhat infamous segment on ESPN where he pulled out a bunch of receipts after the former Celtics star attempted to argue he has a more impressive legacy than the man known as D-Wade.

Earlier this year, Pierce doubled down on that stance when he asserted he was hampered by a lack of talent on the teams he played for, although it’s pretty hard to argue that fairly useless hypothetical does much to address the reality he seems pretty intent on denying.

Now, Wade has entered the chat, and it’s safe to say he’s not buying what Pierce had to say.

On Tuesday, the retired guard got the chance to address Pierce’s comments on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and didn’t exactly hold his tongue while issuing a response.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Rent is expensive in America and I’m living rent-free. I like living rent-free.

It’s documented. I don’t need to say anything. I’ll let you guys go ahead and talk about all that stuff. It sounds better coming from y’all than me. I’m done playing the game of basketball.

I’m not comparing myself to someone who’s not playing the game or who is playing the game. That’s not my challenge anymore…

I went and got my Avengers, and I came into the league with my Avengers, and everybody’s mad I was able to play with different guys…It’s not easy to learn how to play with all of those guys, and I did, so I’m happy with my career.”

Well said.

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