Dwyane Wade Tarnishes Legacy By Trying (And Failing) To Chug A Beer At A Marquette Basketball Game

Dwyane Wade

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The biggest draw of attending a sporting event in person is getting to watch the action unfold in the purest way possible. That aspect tends to be the primary source of enjoyment for most spectators, but it’s far from the only way to stay entertained during a game.

Virtually every major venue in existence relies on the Jumbotron to offer fans a variety of distractions during breaks in the action, and in my experience, there aren’t many things capable of getting the crowd riled up like seeing someone who ends up on camera pounce on their moment in the spotlight by chugging a beer.

That includes the tennis fan who’s repeatedly gone viral thanks to her ability to absolutely delete a cup full of suds at the U.S. Open as well as a guy in a Gumby costume at a La Salle basketball game who achieved 15 seconds of online fame by drowning his sorrows during a blowout loss last year.

Fans who attended Wednesday night’s men’s basketball showdown between Marquette and Providence College in Milwaukee were also treated to a similar scene courtesy of Dwyane Wade and Travis Diener, as the two former members of the Golden Eagles squad took part in a drink-off midway through the second half of the contest.

D-Wade may have outshined his college teammate over the course of their respective NBA careers, but the former member of the Miami Heat was simply outclassed in a fairly embarrassing showdown where he didn’t even manage to consume the entirety of the beer he tried (and failed) to chug.

Wade may have taken the L there, but he did get a consolation prize, as Marquette ultimately walked away with the W over PC by a score of 83-75.

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