Sounds Like Dwyane Wade is Really Into Planning His Wedding

Dwyane Wade is seeking his third consecutive NBA championship with the Miami Heat. But the pursuit clearly doesn’t have all of his attention. It seems the future Hall of Famer has caught the wedding-planning bug.

“We call him Groomzilla,” she jokes. “I come in for like wine tasting and food. I’m like: What do we have? What are our colors? What is the date? I’m still waiting for a Save The Date so I know what the hell is going on.”

Wade’s attention to detail shouldn’t come as a major shocking considering the fact he has his own line of socks and ties.

He’s also sporting a looks like this and this, so perhaps indifference to his impending nuptials would be the real surprise.

As someone who has planned a large wedding, I can offer Wade only one piece of advice: the real joy comes when it’s over.

[H/T: People]