Eagles Made A Trade Offer For Russell Wilson Last Offseason, New Details Emerge

Russell Wilson

Steph Chambers/Getty Image

Russell Wilson is about to enter this second season with the Denver Broncos, but he just as easily could’ve been entering his second season as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

According to Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated, the Eagles made an offer to the Seattle Seahawks for star quarterback Russell Wilson. However, Wilson exercised his no-trade clause and vetoed the deal, ultimately leading to his eventual trade to the Denver Broncos.

This news sheds light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations that took place during the 2022 offseason.

The Seahawks were limited in their leverage due to Wilson’s no-trade clause. Wilson also turned down an offer from the Washington Commanders.

Ultimately, the Denver Broncos emerged as Wilson’s top choice, leading to the trade that sent him to Denver in exchange for players and multiple draft picks, one that is viewed as a heist for the Seahawks.

The aftermath of the failed trade had contrasting outcomes for the Eagles and the Broncos. The Eagles embraced the situation and turned their focus towards Jalen Hurts, who proved to be an excellent fit in their run-based passing game. Hurts showcased his talents and became the earthmover the Eagles needed and helped them reach the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, the Broncos faced disappointment as Wilson experienced a notable decline in performance, making the trade appear very one-sided in favor of the Seahawks.

The responsibility of maximizing Wilson’s potential now falls on the shoulders of new Broncos head coach Sean Payton. It remains to be seen whether Payton can extract the best out of Wilson or if the trade will be viewed as a misstep in the Broncos’ quest for success.