Eagles Superfan EDP445 Mocks Dak Prescott After His Terrible Injury, Calls It ‘Karma’ For Cowboys Fans

Eagles superfan EDP4455 is usually known for his humorous videos blasting his team every week but today EDP had some harsh words for Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

After Prescott’s gruesome injury that will surely keep him out for a long time, EDP took to Youtube to laugh at Prescott because he feels Cowboys fans laughed at Carson Wentz when he got injured a few years ago.

Hey Dak Prescott, how does it feel to get your sh** f***** up, here’s the thing Cowboys fans, you motherf****** talk so much sh** “Injury prone a** Carson Wentz”..Karma b*****

EDP doubled down on his take after receiving backlash from his fans.


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