Pro Golfer Eduardo Molinari Hit 500 Shots From 145-Yards Trying To Make A Hole-In-One

Today I learned that the chances of a professional golfer making a hole-in-one are 2,500 to 1. Those odds aren’t necessarily great, but they aren’t as shitty as everyones’ odds of winning the Powerball (roughly 98 trillion to 1). With that odds number in mind, the European Tour sent out seasoned pro, Eduardo Molinari to try his luck.

Molinari had 500 shots to make a hole-in-one from 145-yards. You would think that hitting at the same target over and over again would increase his chances (and it might have had he kept going), but all Molinari got out of this day is a more dialed in 9-iron and a lot of heartache. He came so close — so painfully close — on a number of occasions, but none of them dropped. Twelve hours of hitting 9-irons and not one falls. OUCH.

I’m not sure what the point of this video was, save for “look how fucking hard and cruel golf is,” but I now have the desire to try this. And you know what? I might make a hole-in-one hitting 500 shots. But that is golf for you. It’s like life; it’s not always fair and the bounces don’t always go your way. Hell, if golf were fair, I would be the person in my family with two holes-in-one, not my mother, who has never broken 90 in her life.  Yeah, I’m bitter about her aces. Don’t care who knows it.

Honestly, I might have to rent out a golf course to try this. And if I do make a hole-in-one I am definitely counting it. “A pro golfer couldn’t even do it and I DID IT. Of course this counts.” Seems fair.


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