Indiana Player Ejected, Suspended For Regional Final After Violating A Silly NCAA Rule

A baseball sits on the clay behind home plate.


The Indiana Hoosiers landed a huge upset in the Lexington regional on Saturday, taking down top seeded Kentucky, 5-3. The win vaulted Indiana into the winner’s bracket as it now sits in the driver’s seat to advance to the next round of the postseason.

In the win, the Hoosiers fell behind before racing back for a come-from-behind victory. A controversial ejection occurred when the team grabbed that late lead, and it has college baseball fans talking.

These two teams took the field this weekend in the second round of regional play. Indiana had already taken down West Virginia while Kentucky was fresh off a win over Ball State.

The winner’s bracket meeting would give one team an opportunity to move to 2-0 and gain a leg up on the rest of the field.

In what was a highly competitive matchup, the Wildcats and Hoosiers traded runs early. The score remained 1-1 through the seventh inning when Kentucky finally broke through. Two runs in the top of the frame gave the ‘Cats their first lead of the night.

Indiana would strike back quickly, plating three runs on a homer by catcher Peter Serruto. The three-run bomb helped Indiana go up, 4-3, leading to celebration from the Hoosiers’ dugout.

As they do after home runs, teammate Tyler Cerny placed the “Crimson Chain” around Serruto’s neck.

Unfortunately, Cerny did so a bit prematurely. He brought the prop outside of the dugout, which is a no-no according to NCAA rules. He was subsequently ejected.

College baseball fans blast Indiana ejection on social media

The ejection not only kicked the Hoosiers’ starting second baseman out of Saturday night’s game, but it also landed him a suspension for the regional final on Sunday.

Fans and media online have been quick to bash the silly NCAA rule that led to the dismissal.

Former UVA pitcher Stephen Schoch said, “It sucks that players are being limited when it comes to celebrating these big moments.”

The Barstool Indy page commented, “Common NCAA L.”

Aaron Fitt of D1 Baseball wrote, “A violation of the inane rule prohibiting celebratory props from field of play as player returns to the dugout. The offending item here was a big red chain. I know rules are rules. But it’s a ridiculous rule and needs to go.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this rule put into effect. Just last week in the AAC conference tournament, an East Carolina player was ejected for feeding his teammate a sandwich on the field.

IU would go on to beat Kentucky, 5-3, to stay in the winner’s side of the bracket.

We’ll see if the ejection has an effect on Indiana in Sunday night’s contest. The Hoosiers are one win away from advancing to the super regionals.