Eminem Helped Usher In A New Era Of Pistons Basketball In Detroit

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While their name might lead you to believe otherwise, the Detroit Pistons haven’t played a game in that city in 38 years. They instead made their home at The Palace of Auburn Hills, located in a suburb best known for being host to the craziest night in the history of the NBA.

Thanks to hard work and gentrification, people are no longer scared to walk around downtown Detroit, which made it the ideal location for a new venue that broke ground in 2014. Three years and $863 million later, Little Caesars Arena opened its doors.

The team ushered in their inaugural season at the arena last night, and while the crowd was admittedly underwhelming, it was home to its fair share of star power (at least as far as Detroit is concerned).

Aspiring senatorial candidate Kid Rock reportedly had baseline seats and Big Sean made an appearance, but they were both overshadowed by true hometown hero Eminem, who pumped the crowd up in a pregame speech:

Anyone who’s ever listened to “Lose Yourself” before engaging in any form of athletic activity knows just how significantly it can affect your performance, so I can only imagine what happens when Eminem is yelling angrily just a few feet away from you. That’s the only performance enhancer you need.

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