Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders Appears To Have His Heart Set On Uncle Rico To Fill QB Void

After Brock Osweiler stunningly signed a monster deal destined to fail with the Houston Texans, even Denver receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been left with no choice but to have zero clue as to what’s going on; much like us.

So what does one do when they have absolutely no clue what management is doing?

Jokes. We make jokes.

Like anyone else, Emmanuel Sanders just wants a quarterback that can launch the pigskin over them mountains. And really, who doesn’t?

For a WR without a starting QB — though with that all important ring — jokes come easy. But signing Uncle Rico does not.

Nonetheless, ring or no ring, it’s kinda cool to see the actual players having as much fun with this debacle of a QB situation as the fans are. So it goes without saying that Emmanuel Sanders is now my new favorite athletic human.

[H/T @ESanders_10]