Enes Kanter Calls Out LeBron James For Choosing ‘Money Over Morals’ By Ignoring Slave Labor In China

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Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter is taking aim at LeBron James before Friday’s Celtics-Lakers game.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Kanter called out LeBron for choosing “money over morals” by ignoring slave labor in China while partnering with Nike. The post includes pictures of custom sneakers with messages “Morals > Money” and “Hey King, still researching and getting educated?” written on them.

Money over Morals for the “King”

Sad & disgusting how these athletes pretend they care about social justice

They really do “shut up & dribble” when Big Boss says so

Did you educate yourself about the slave labor that made your shoes or is that not part of your research?

This isn’t the first time Kanter has called out Nike/LeBron. Just a few weeks ago, Kanter wore another pair of custom sneakers that had “made with slave labor” inscribed on the shoe.

LeBron is currently a toss-up to play on Friday due to an injury, but it’ll be interesting to see if Kanter confronts him in person if the Lakers superstar makes an appearance in the game.

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