Things Get Awkward When ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth Called Nuggets HC Michael Malone ‘Mike’ And He Immediately Corrected Her During Live Interview

  • ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth called Michael Malone “Mike” during live TV interview and he immediately corrected her
  • Hubbarth apologized to Malone during the interview and on Twitter
  • Fans debate whether Michael Malone was out of line for correcting Hubbarth during live interview
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Michael Malone apparently really doesn’t like being called “Mike.”

During Saturday night’s Blazers-Nuggets playoff game, ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth interviewed Nuggets head coach Michael Malone before the start of the fourth quarter while his team was down.

Hubbarth started the interview by calling Michael Malone “Mike” and things got a bit awkward when he instantly corrected her during the interview.

Hubbarth apologized on Twitter again for calling Michael Malone “Mike” during her interview with him.

Fans debated whether Malone was out of line for correcting Hubbarth on live TV or if he was right to do so considering Michael is his name.