ESPN Asks ‘Will Mark Sanchez Go Back To The Jets When He’s A Free Agent?’

Geno Smith sucks. The Jets suck. Rex Ryan sucks. The Jets need a new quarterback, amongst other things. So who could they possibly go after?

Is the answer… Mark Sanchez?

Sure, technically he has free agency coming up. But… Wait… Wut?

That makes my head spin. Is this real life? via Cork Gaines:

That’s the maddening question ESPN’s Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico poised during its broadcast this evening while throwing out hypotheticals about the quarterback situation for Gang Green. It made me spit out a mouthful of beer out of sheer laughter because that might be the ultimate “LOLOLOLOLOL JETS” move. If that actually happened, every football fan’s head would collectively explode.

Jameis seems like the obvious choice, right? I mean… He would be a natural in a Jets uniform. Also — Besides the Green Bay game, I like what Sanchez doing in Philadelphia. What do you think, Bros?


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