Marty Smith Encouraging A Small Town TV Reporter Following The LSU-Alabama Game Will Put An Automatic Smile On Your Face

marty smith local reporter

Getty Image / Matthew Visinsky

It’s only Tuesday, the weekend feels months away, all kinds of wild shit is going on in the world and sometimes you just need to have a smile instead of thinking about all that junk.

Marty Smith of ESPN and local TV reporter Jack Patterson, of Columbus, Georgia, are here to give you your feel-good moment of the day.

Following LSU knocking off Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night, Patterson was recording his stand-up reel for his CBS affiliate news station. Just after he fumbled his words and was getting to reset, Smith was there to offer up some words of encouragement.

For anyone that’s stood in front of a camera by themselves trying to rattle off a catchy bit about anything, you know how hard it is. For anyone that hasn’t done it, well, I encourage you never to do it because it’s extremely difficult and frustrating.

It’s an awesome look into the media, at least into the media world that Smith lives in, as he simply walks up to Patterson, daps him up and encourages him to keep going. To have somebody from the mothership of sports networks stop for 30 seconds, take a picture and tell you that you’re doing a great job is a big, big deal.

Here’s a look at the selfie the two took together.

Smith seems like a good dude, as does Patterson. It’s just a good, cool moment between two strangers grinding in the media. Patterson grinding a little bit harder than Smith, but it’s still awesome.