ESPN Analyst Mina Kimes Is Getting Slammed For Her Ranking Of The NFL’s Top Five Defenses

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  • ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes has become one of the network’s biggest stars.
  • Kimes made headlines on Monday evening when she released her list of the NFL’s top-five defenses.
  • NFL fans had a lot to say about the ranking.

The NFL offseason has not been kind to ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes.

First, Kimes’ beloved Seattle Seahawks traded away star quarterback Russell Wilson. Then, the Arizona Cardinals attempted to troll Kimes on Twitter about the trade. To which Kimes responded with an all-time roasting.

Now Kimes is receiving heat yet again. Though often unjust, this time she may just deserve some of the blow back she’s receives. The always-interesting ESPN personality released her list of the NFL’s top-five defenses headed in to the 2022 season.

The rankings were a bit controversial and even Kimes herself knew a storm was brewing.

NFL fans didn’t disappoint. Fans of just about every team in the league seemed to have an opinion on Kimes’ ranking.

For as many fans were coming after the rankings, a number also agreed.

Fellow ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky liked the list, but had some questions. Kimes expanded on her ranking, saying that both the Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens made the top 10.

The list may have drawn a lot of ire, but Kimes is considered one of the network’s rising stars. She was recently ranked as one of the most influential members of sports media and ESPN has expanded her usage in recent years. She helped reshape NFL Live alongside Orlovsky, Marcus Spears. Ryan Clark and Keyshawn Johnson and clearly has the internet’s attention.