Mina Kimes Torches Cardinals After Their Attempt To Troll Her Following The Russell Wilson Trade

Mina Kimes Torches Cardinals After Their Attempt To Troll Her

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  • The Arizona Cardinals made the mistake of trying to troll Mina Kimes on Twitter.
  • The ESPN analyst got the best of the Cardinals, for sure.
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Mina Kimes may be a big-time analyst at ESPN, but she doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. With that in mind, Tuesday’s news of the Seahawks dealing Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos didn’t exactly sit too well with her.

Kimes jumped on Twitter and voiced her opinion about the overall trade. It’s safe to say she’s not exactly a fan of Seattle dealing the nine-time Pro Bowl QB to Denver.

With Kimes tweeting through the pain of her team dealing away its star QB, the Arizona Cardinals decided to have some fun with Kimes.

It turns out that was a mistake.

The Cardinals sent Kimes the simple question of ‘you good?’ in which Kimes sent back the same thing with a picture of Kyler Murray in an Oakland A’s uniform.

Kimes 1, Cardinals 0.

Kimes has made it very clear that if someone tries to troll her on Twitter, especially an account as big as the Cardinals’, she’s going to clap back.

“I try to follow that old adage of ‘don’t take criticism from anyone you wouldn’t take advice from’ but it’s hard sometimes when the criticism is so pointed,” Kimes told ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ back in 2020.

“I’ve seen you clap back a little bit. First of all, it’s funny. If I can make a joke I’m going to f–king clap back…If somebody is setting themselves up to be dunked on, and that tasty alley-oop is right there, I can’t resist sometimes.”

The Cardinals should probably avoid trolling anyone on Twitter given all the drama they’re dealing with involving Murray.