ESPN Makes Embarrassing Mistake Predicting Wins for NFL Teams During Their Schedule Release Special

Upon ​the release of the regular season schedule, ESPN attempted to predict the wins of the all 32 NFL teams. Unfortunately for the so-called Worldwide Leader of Sports no one was checking if their math was correct.

Via Pro Football Talk

assuming there are no ties, NFL teams will go a combined 256-256 this season.

So when ESPN’s team of NFL writers compiled their predictions, it was amusing to see that they picked a total of 289 wins and only 223 losses. Yes, league-wide the Worldwide Leader thinks NFL teams are going to go 289-223, a .564 winning percentage in a world where the only certainty is a .500 winning percentage.

This is pretty embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. Maybe ESPN cut all the fact checkers when they laid off all those people last year.