ESPN’s ‘Outside The Lines’ Addresses Floyd Mayweather’s History Of Domestic Violence

With about a week left until the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, many journalists have criticized ESPN’s cushy coverage of Floyd Mayweather, who has a long, documented history of domestic violence against multiple women.

Mayweather for whatever reason has been able to avoid the kind of scrutiny that other big-time athletes like Ray Rice or Greg Hardy, who have committed similar crimes and have been destroyed in public for them.

Today, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” took aim not only at Floyd Mayweather over his past of domestic violence but also the Nevada State Athletic Commission for never looking to suspend Mayweather for his crimes.

When asked about why he has never been suspended by the NSAC, Mayweather in typical Mayweather fashion avoided the question and went on to promote the fight.

At the end of the report, Bob Ley disclosed that ESPN would be premiering a show in conjunction with Mayweather promotions later this week.

It’s good to see ESPN and Outside The Lines reporting on this issue but Bob Ley’s disclosure about ESPN profiting off of Mayweather underlines the reason of how Mayweather has been able to earn money while getting little scrutiny for his history of domestic violence.

Do you think ESPN would do business with Ray Rice or Greg Hardy? Of course not, neither of them bring in the ratings or the money that Floyd Mayweather does.

You can watch the whole video of the Outside The Lines report over at

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