ESPN Radio Syracuse Show Host Fired For Being Too Critical Of School’s Athletic Programs

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There was a time where the Syracuse Orange were one of the predominant programs in all of men’s college basketball.

That time, however, is long gone.

Which is why the Orange recently parted ways with legendary coach Jim Boeheim, who has since confirmed that he is, in fact, retired.

Boeheim and the Orange made a surprise run to the Sweet 16 in 2021, but they’ve largely struggled since moving from the Big East to the ACC in 2013.

ESPN Radio Syracuse host Brent Axe was keenly aware of this, as well as other struggles among Cuse’s athletic programs. Axe routinely discussed the matter on his show, “On the Block with Brent Axe.”

ESPN Radio Syracuse Cans Show Host Due To Criticism Of School’s Athletic Programs

Now it appears Syracuse wasn’t too happy with his tone, as Axe has been given the axe by Galaxy Media Partners, which owns the local ESPN Radio network.

Galaxy President and CEO Ed Levine said he fired Axe because he believes the content of Axe’s show had become too negative toward Syracuse University sports.

“I had a problem with the content of the show,” Levine said. “I’m an SU fan. I’m sorry, but I bleed Orange (and) I’m not going to apologize for that, and I think a fair reading of the Orange is appropriate. I understand (Galaxy has) a business relationship (with Syracuse), that Coach (Jim) Boeheim and I are personal friends and he’s an investor in my company. – via Syracuse. com

Axe, meanwhile, told that he felt the move was unjust.

“I had a responsibility to give an honest, fair and thorough opinion to my audience,” Axe said. “I certainly wasn’t perfect, but I don’t regret anything about the approach of the show. We put listeners on the air, and we gave them the opportunity to say what they needed to say. I don’t have any regrets.”

Fans and fellow media members flocked to Axe’s defense.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear Levine is going to change his mind. But it doesn’t sound like Axe will be out of work for too long if he wants to look elsewhere.