ESPN Awkwardly Cuts To Commercial While David Letterman Was Telling Roger Goodell Story During Manningcast Appearance

The Manningcast is still going through some growing pains which has led to some painfully awkward moments.

During his appearance on Monday Night Football’s Manningcast, retired late-night host David Letterman was telling a story about sitting next to Rodger Goodell during the unveiling of Peyton’s statue in Indianapolis before ESPN awkwardly cut to commercial.

“I also sat next to Roger Goodell and Rodger Goodell says to me, what are you going to do when you get up there? And I say I’m going to talk about Peyton and the city and what he’s done for the town and his career and try to make some jokes…and I said to Roger Goodell…what are you gonna do? And he said I’m going to get booed and it was wonderful, he really—cuts to commercial

It appears that ESPN was cutting to commercial for halftime due to sponsor requirements but fans believed Letterman getting cut off while telling a story about Goodell was deliberate.