ESPN Accidentally Showed A Penis In The UNC Locker Room And The Internet Definitely Noticed

Espn Showed A Penis In The UNC Locker Room The Internet Noticed

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Every time something like this happens I always ask myself, “Who are these people that notice stuff like this?”

Because I really don’t know how people spotted this penis in the North Carolina locker room following the Tar Heels’ upset of the Duke Blue Devils.

The fact remains, however, that people did, ESPN showed a penis on live TV, and the internet had some pretty hilarious reactions.

Why networks like ESPN feel the need to have cameras inside the locker room immediately after any game is something I don’t totally understand. I mean, you just aired the game. We all saw how it ended. Can’t they wait until the players are showered and dressed to show them on camera?

I can’t believe I am being forced to pose these questions so early in the morning. Thanks, Obama.

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Anyhoo, the internet had a lot of fun with it, so I guess there’s that. (And if you’re just dying to see it, you can right here. Though I do not know why anyone would want to do such a thing.)

These people must have way better quality televisions than I do.

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