ESPN Report: The Two Women At The Center Of Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal Do Not Appear To Have Been ‘Trafficked’

Women In Robert Kraft Scandal Do not appear to have been trafficked

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Last week Jupiter law enforcement charged New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with two misdemeanor accounts of soliciting prostitution, and the justification for making an example out of Kraft from the authorities’ View was that the women at the prostitution spa were alleged victims of human trafficking.

“These cases aren’t about any one defendant or any group of defendants,” Aronberg said. “The larger picture, which we must all confront, is the cold reality that many prostitutes in cases like this are victims, often lured into this country with promises of a better life, only to be forced to live and work in a sweatshop or a brothel, subject to force, fraud or coercion.”

The spa had been under surveillance since last year after an inspector with the Florida Department of Health founds signs of women living at the spa.

Apparently the two prostitutes at the center of the Robert Kraft scandal may not have been trafficked according to a report from ESPN’s TJ Quinn.

“State prosecutors have said that a number of women, especially the ones living inside of the spa, were trafficked,” Quinn told Michele Steele. “From what we can tell, the two women who have been associated with Robert Kraft may not have been. One of them was the manager — a woman who was charged with four counts related to prostitution. She’s about 40 years old. The other woman is 58 years old, she has a New York state drivers license. Both have Florida state massage licenses. So they weren’t exactly living an underground life.

Kraft is fighting back against authorities’ claims and has now pleaded not guilty to the charges of prostitution.

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