ESPN’s Booger McFarland Makes Embarrassing Error On ‘MNF’ While Talking About Minneapolis Miracle Play During Vikings-Seahawks Game

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ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ analyst Booger McFarland has been having a couple of rough weeks in the broadcast booth.

During the Vikings-Seahawks game on Monday Night, Booger commented that the Vikings were finally able to get a break during a tipped ball interception on Russell Wilson after being on the wrong end of the Minneapolis miracle.

“These are the types of plays that historically go against the Vikings, the Minneapolis Miracle, fluke plays that went against this team, I’m sure Vikings fans are saying it’s about time we get one of these plays to go our way.

Of course Booger was wrong when he made the comment about the Minneapolis Miracle because the Vikings won a playoff game because of it.

Twitter was quick to crush Booger over his obvious error.